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500 AD. - Arrowpoints - 1800 AD.

These are the true "Arrowheads", the bow and arrow only came into use in Texas approx. 1500 years ago.

The Native Texans lost control of this land at the end of this period, after at least 12,000 years of struggle. First to the invading Comanche and Eastern US tribes, then to the American colonist.

0 AD. - Prehistoric - 1500 AD.

Also called the "Transitional Phase" - the original atlatl was quickly being replaced by the bow, and a new farming culture was developing.

This was a time of much challenge in Texas. The Temple Mounds were built south in what is now Mexico and east in the Mississippi region leaving Texas as a mid-point between two great ruling cultures.

1500 BC. - Late Archaic - 500 AD.

These late hunters developed unique knife technologies like the Cornertang, San Saba and Kerrville Knives.

Classic Texas points like the Montell, Castroville and Marcos evolved during this time period starting about 3500 years ago.

3000 BC. - Middle Archaic - 1500 BC.

These classic hunter-gatherers made exclusive use of the atlatl to throw heavy darts up to 5000 years ago.

The Pedernales and Marshall People appear to have dominated Central Texas during this time period.

6000 BC. - Early Archaic - 3000 BC.

A changing environment starting 8000 years ago brought about new cultural developments.

The incredible Calf Creek family of points exhibit an extreme amount of ancient flint knapping abilities, almost all of these points were ceremonial quality.

< 9500 BC. - Early/Late Paleo - 6000 BC.

Ice-age people were often forced North & South by glacial movements. Similar Paleo lances from this time are found from Texas into Wyoming, with the earliest Paleo points covering all of North America.

Recent work at the Gault site in Central Texas has made many new "First Americans" Clovis discoveries from approx 11,500 years ago.

References of Note:

"A FIELD GUIDE TO STONE ARTIFACTS OF TEXAS INDIANS" by Ellen Sue Turner and Thomas R. Hester .

Additional personal communications with Dr. Thomas Hester.


Information gathered from the many Archaeological web sites found on the internet, including others that are referenced elsewhere on this site.

Personal observation and discussions with fellow Texas collectors have also influenced this effort.

Updated Feb. 12, 2003

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