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This is my favorite part of the website. This is where I get to share both individual and related groups of specific artifacts. Many are in my collection, although I also love to publish and record artifacts from other collections.

As Lyle Nickle says "Your collection isn't doing anyone any good unless you show it to someone". I would like to add that your collection will never do anyone much good if you don't document the artifacts in it. Photographing and keeping notes will go a long way toward recording the information that is needed for someone else being able to learn from your collection. Try to record all the info you have about your artifacts, however you choose to do it. You will thank yourself later!

Please click the links below to see an assortment of featured indian artifacts:

Poverty Point artifacts on the Middle Texas Coast SARGENT BEACH.

I am still amazed by this asphaltum HAFTED ARTIFACT.

Take a look at this THE BLACK WOOD POINT.

Check out these First American CLOVIS POINTS.


Clayton Vandergriff's personal found HARRIS CO SCOTTSBLUFFS.

An informal web survey of SAN SABA KNIVES.

Be sure to see the Texas Digger CORNERTANG CACHE.

Example of my digital DOCUMENTATION SYSTEM

Comparison of three rare ALTERNATE PREFORMS.

North Central Texas assembly of MARTINDALE POINTS.

Dandy site collection of Early Archaic BANDY POINTS.

A superb Golondrina point with a reworked IMPACT FRACTURE.

A look at an unusual side notched PALEO POINT.

Context of artifacts associated with a rare TEXAS BOATSTONE.

Unique points from East Texas & Louisiana EVANS POINTS.

Trippin Andice Point! ECCENTRIC ANDICE. --- New!

More to come...

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