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Welcome to my section featuring some of our arrowhead hunting field trips. In our collecting activities we try to learn and record as much as possible. The successful collector is collecting more than artifacts, he is also collecting the secrets those artifacts hold. You actually don't have to bring anything home to have a good day as long as you learned something along the way.

I greatly support salvage archaeology whenever possible and encourage everyone to look for opportunities to save our prehistory from loss to man or nature. Look over any construction sites you might have access to, civilizations are built upon civilizations. Sand and gravel pits provide excellent opportunities for recording information that is otherwise lost. Steamside errosion often exposes ancient campsites. Even dirt roads in pastures are worth keeping an eye on. Taking in-situ photos are an important part of arrowhead hunting. But, please, always keep in mind that anything done on private property must be done only with the permission of the land owner. You will find most landowners are very reasonable when given the respect they deserve. I believe that properly recorded advocational archaeology can result in important discoveries, as has been proven many times. Try to form a good working relationship with any professional Archaeologist that you come in contact with. Many professionals understand that hobbyist are an important part of Archaeology. These top notch pros are eager to see well documented artifacts from private collections.

Just click the links below to join in and explore prehistoric Texas with us:


Check out our Jan. 2006 RETURN TO THE ROCKSHELTER.

We also found this incredible rare Central Texas ROCK ART.

A rained out trip with a happy ending featuring BUFFALO.

Here are several in-situ photos ON THE BAY.

Here is a Wharton County creek find shown IN-SITU.

A road trip with the kids through the BRENHAM AREA.

A Matagorda County float trip with two types of PALEO FINDS.

My Harris County find of a lifetime THE CRAIN CLOVIS!

Travis' recently found Wharton County COBB CLOVIS!

Melody & Emma's World Class MORHISS POINT! --- New!

More to come...

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