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Welcome to the kid friendly Texas Arrowheads virtual museum. I hope you enjoy your visit. It's actually a visit back into the long period of early Texas History commonly referred to as the "prehistoric". The actual term is "pre-recorded history", referring to our conventional written historical records. Early people in Texas did leave a prehistoric record, in the form of ancient artifacts. I enjoy sharing these ancient artifacts with this site's visitors. I believe these objects from our earliest cultures should be shared wherever possible, not kept out of site in storage somewhere. We should all be allowed to learn from them, they keep us from forgetting that prehistoric time actually did exist here and that in all reality it isn't that far away from where we are today.

If you have similar feelings for our past and you appreciate what was left behind for us, then this sites for you - regardless of whether you're an artifact collector, arrowhead hunter, archaeologist or for whatever reason you have an interest in Texas prehistory.

That history is recorded in stone!

Sleepy little Emma is a magnet when it comes to finding arrowheads. Her smiling mother is pictured above with a 8,000 year old Angostura that she picked up after ten minutes of arrowhead hunting!

That would have been "the find" for normal arrowhead hunters, but on their very next hunt, these two girls topped it with another ... a heart stopping, world class find ... rest of the story.

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