Texas Arrowheads & Indian Artifacts wanted!
Cash For Collectors!


Indian Artifacts Wanted:

I am buying authentic arrowheads from Texas.

I pay top dollar for select points to add to my personal collection.

I am interested in all types of top quality Texas points. I am particularly interested in Paleo points from Texas and the neighboring states ... Clovis, Scottsbluff, Plainview, Folsom or any of the numerous other older types. Also any spear points or higher quality arrowpoints from my collecting area. I am interested in acquiring any high quality arrowheads that will spruce up my collection!

Authentic Artifacts Only:

Please do not waste your time & mine with known rechips or modern made reproductions. I have no interest in those and can tell them from the real thing. I examine everything thru optical magnification to avoid any fake or modernly altered items. I hate fake points!

No worries if you are not sure on authenticity, such as in the case of inherited points, I am still interested. Please just be honest with me and I will be glad to help you figure out what you have.

Legally Obtained Artifacts Only:

I am only interested in buying Texas artifacts that were legally obtained. I do not want to acquire any artifacts that originated in Mexico.

Email Photos:

You can email close-up digital photos, using the link below, and I will be able to give you a ballpark estimate of value. The value of individual arrowheads can vary widely, anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds or even to thousands of dollars. Of course, thousand dollar points are very rare but I'm always amazed at how many of them actually are out there. I'm hoping that you have one of that quality and it doesn't cost you anything to find out!

Even if you don't have photos, please go ahead and email and we can work something out on my viewing them. Depending on where you live, we may even be able to get together so I can see them in person and make an offer on them. It is easy enough to just mail them to me and let me look them over and making an offer on them and if no deal is made I will send them right back to you.

Please include any records you can, including where, when and who collected the artifact(s).



David Crain
255 CR 133
Sweeny, Tx 77480

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