The Texas Digger Cornertang Cache!

All three of these blades were found together in one cache.

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A big metate, or grinding stone, was found buried upside down.
Buried beside it was a big uniface blade, a finely flaked knife and a cornertang knife!
There was even a big old buffalo tooth left with the blades.

These blades are super, I must admit it was awesome just photographing them!

Here is the uniface blade.
This is one big sharp piece of flint. It would normally be called a uniface scraper, but as you can see it is thin, well made and could have served as a fine knife just the way it is. Notice that it's shaped just like a big ol' corner tang.

This is the cornertang preform.
It is made of a superior piece of translucent banded flint.
I am calling it a cornertang preform, and no doubt it is, but it does show slight wear use. From a collector's viewpoint, it's just a shame that the ancient craftsman who made this work of art didn't go ahead and notch that corner!

Here is the cornertang biface blade.
This is awesome work of ancient art. It is made of a piece of black flint.
This is, without a doubt, the most prized and highly collectible type of Texas artifact there is.

Dwain Rogers enjoyed writing the COA on these points. He told me that a Cornertang Cache like this is extremely rare, in fact he doesn't even know of another one like it. And he literally wrote the book on cornertangs (Corner Tang Knives Across Texas). Too bad he didn't have pics of these incredible blades for that book!

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